“Jsme tu, abychom pomáhali pacientům s roztroušenou sklerózou a jejich blízkým”

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Project Transfer of knowledge and experience between partner MS societies and international networking

Project No. ZD-MGS3-004

We focus on supporting patients with multiple sclerosis, whose position in society and the health care system is not adequately taken into account. We are a patient organization - we coordinate ROSKA branch associations and provide methodological support in all regions of the Czech Republic. For the Union's long-term and sustainable action we need to maintain and strengthen the key positions that are responsible for running the organization, liaising with associations and working directly with clients. We want to maintain the high quality and intensity of education of branch association chairmen, and to maintain services for our clients: (i) information service (online social counseling). We will focus on raising awareness about MS, clarifying myths and promoting prevention.

We will work with a Norwegian partner - The Royal Norwegian Society for Development (RNSD), which will involve the Norwegian Multiple Sclerosis Association (Bergen). We will focus on sharing good practice in healthy eating for the chronically ill, strengthening the membership base and strategic fundraising. A significant added value of KSPR is its extensive experience with the strategic management of the organization, financial self-sufficiency and community building.

We will fulfill the above goals through five professional activities: (i) Personnel and strategic development of the ROSKA Union (part-time), (ii) ROSKA Union Academy of Education (30 trained), (iii) Support for the development of ROSKA Union activities and services (online doctor's office) (iv) RStart - ROSKA Union awareness campaign, (v) Partnership cooperation (transfer of know-how), as well as management and publicity activities. We will focus our activities on target groups of people with disabilities (including our members) and the public.